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Fluorinated chemicals are widely used in pesticide. Among the pesticides researched in the past 20 year, 51.9% of which are fluorinated products, especially for insecticides the share is 80%. Due to the advantages such as high efficacy, minor dosage, low residue etc., fluorinatedpesticide will be the researching trend for green agriculture as it is. Yongtai’s intermediates are widely used in insecticides, fungicide, and will provide thousand-ton level CMO service to global pesticide giants.
Meanwhile, by acquiring Shanghai E-tong (a trading company), Yongtai established sales channels of intermediates, AIs to more than 60 countries worldwide, also submitted about 1800 oversea registration documents, 500 certificates of pesticide registrations are obtained, moreover, Yongtai (E-tong) has become one of the exporters with most oversea CPRs.
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